Tattoos of different flowers will evoke emotion

At some point in our lives, we will experience the joy of appreciating the beauty of flowers, happiness and the joy of giving flowers or receive them. A flower itself does not have any meaning, like a cat or a fish. But the human emotion that gives a specific value for that we give meaning and interpretation that is consistent over time. For example, you'll see a man giving red roses to express admiration and love for a woman. But you will not see anyone with the same bunch of red roses at the cemetery. The meaning of the same flowers will evoke different emotions with different implications in different contexts.

This is the same with tattoo flowers. Tattoos of different flowers will evoke different emotions and because it means different things to see. Not only women get tattoos of flowers, some men want to ink them as well. The most interest has had a consistent meaning over time, but when you combine it with different objects in the tattoo, the meaning can be changed at all. Have you ever seen a black rose with a chain around it as a tattoo on the chest of a man? Do you think tattoos flower means love or maybe hate?

The fact is that the flower tattoo designs will be popular. Dragons are popular with men, but the interest of the most sought after by women. Perhaps because of the color, or shape, or scent, or a combination of all the senses that makes people want to see, touch and smell it. Flowers can calm a person and gives a sense of peace. Have a flower tattoo inked on your body is like having a fixed interest rate with you at all times, unless the interest is not certain wither over time.

What most tattoo artists are concerns about the customers who are unsure of what he wanted to change the design of the tattoo and after tattoo permanently inked on your body. The sad truth is that tattoos can not be removed easily without some form of scarring and pain. The reason for wanting to change the design varies, but one common reason is that they do not understand the meaning of flower tattoos until much later. So to prevent this sort of 'accidentally' wrong flower tattoos on your body, the following is a list of common flower tattoos and their meanings.

1. Meaning of Rose Tattoo
Tattoo of a rose that tastes amazing when performed on a woman. So far this is the most popular tattoo with women even though we have seen a man with a tattoo of a rose. Somehow he avoided away from the flowers because the flowers tattoo means soft and gentle character and personality to the feminine. It's quite strange to see a big muscular macho man with a six pack and flower tattoo on his arm. But if interest rates combined with a skull tattoo, the meaning of which is softer than it would be more interest by the skull, which means courage, daring and fearless.

Different types of roses have different meanings. For example, red roses mean love and sincere respect, courage and passion. You've seen the movie or maybe even do yourself and give red roses to a loved one to express the love and passion. So instead of giving rise to a love one, you might want a rose tattoo with his name on your arm or your chest. That way, the flower tattoo means you love and respect forever. (But not the skull please) If you can get the tattoo artist to add some color to the flower tattoo, you may want to consider a tattoo of a yellow rose. Yellow roses mean jealousy in Victorian times. But in our contemporary world, they signify friendship, joy, excitement and freedom, the promise of new beginnings. A tattoo of a pink rose means grace and soft, white roses mean purity and spirituality and lavender roses mean love at first sight. A blue rose tattoo represents mystery and meaning "achieving the impossible". A black rose tattoo symbolizes death, whether you are mourning the death of love one or you are very pessimistic.

2. Hibiscus Tattoo Meaning
Hibiscus flower tattoos are popular with tattoo artists. Hibiscus flower is most commonly seen in tropical countries but is less often used as gifts. Hibiscus flower belongs to the family Malvaceae. It gets its name from the Greek words Hibiscus meaning "mallow" and rosa-sinensis meaning "Rose of China". Own means delicate beauty of flowers. If you decide to ink tattoos hibiscus flower, then in addition to aesthetic appeal, will symbolize the beautiful and elegant. That also means you have the grace and charm. Depending on the combination of colors, hibiscus tattoo can really improve one's grace. You can combine tattoos red flowers with bright green petals. That would be really charming.

3. Lily Tattoo Meaning
Lily flowers are valued for their colors fresh and soothing and can be used for many occasions, such as visiting a sick friend in hospital. Lily has been a significant interest since the period of the Bible. According to the Bible, the white lotus petals signify virginity, purity and radiant soul of Virgin Mary. The Chinese and Greeks have also used the lily white to symbolize purity. For the Chinese, lily flowers used to symbolize summer and abundance. The Greeks believed that Lily was born from the milk of the goddess Hera. Lily flower is also associated with the Roman goddess Venus. So Lily tattoo ink purity means the person and you want a tattoo to symbolize peace and harmony.

4. Meaning of Lotus Tattoo
In Buddhism the lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment. All the petals of different means constant struggle in our lives and the center of interest is a state of enlightenment. Development of bottom-up lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening to the reality of life. For Buddhists, Lotus symbolizes the country's most noble of man, his head held high and his feet are rooted in a world of experience. You can see Lotus flower carved into any platform that supports the statue of Buddha. This is a very powerful symbol and meaning in religion.

The symbolism is also apparent in the Hindu religion where the lotus is the ultimate symbol of beauty, prosperity and fertility. According to Hindu religion, in every human being who inhabits the earth is sacred spirit of Lotus. This is an eternity, purity and divinity and is widely used as a symbol of life, youth fertility, and describe feminine beauty. So the tattoo Lotus will be used as a symbol of life. Lotus flower tattoos are most suitable for those seeking an understanding of humanity and may have been through ups and downs of life. You can also use Lotus tattoos to depict the struggle in life.

Mormon Tattoo - Piercing Controversy

For years, decorative tattoos and piercings are not a real problem for members of the Mormon Church. Until 2000, there was only one reference to a tattoo in all of Mormon teaching and in 1965 the unofficial personal publication Mormon Doctrine by Mormon Apostle, Bruce R. McConkie. It states: "Tattooing is a desecration of the human body and should not be allowed, except for all those involved is to place the blood type or an identification number that is not clear where Latter-day Saint soldiers are specifically counseled to avoid. Trap tattoo. People with tattoos are not, however, denied the ordinances and blessings of the temple. "

In the General Conference in October 2000 the first of many "council" of the tattoo was announced.

"We - the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve - have taken the position, and I quote, that" the Church inhibits tattoos. It also discourages the piercing of the body other than for medical purposes, although it does not take a position on pierced ears by women for at least one pair of earrings "President Gordon B. Hinckley.

At that time my husband and I are very active, temple recommend holding members of the congregation and has been operating a tattoo studio without prejudice for many years. We never treated badly or shunned by members of our Ward or Stake. Stake President's wife more than once to bring our children into our studio to get a tattoo. It's a non issue that one way I billed myself in the ad are we kazoo Mormon Girl Tattoo Artist.

Since then we both have experienced a lot of discussion and debate about right or wrong way to get and do tattoos and piercings. At first I will defend my choice of professions use the scriptures, but eventually I got bored and started asking those who questioned me to explain to me what a terrible thing that will happen in our society if everyone has a tattoo? After all, sin is the things that violate the golden rule and keep us from loving one another, instead of things like, what clothes we wear or how we do our hair.

Now, eight years later the subject of tattoos and piercings all have I think made it out of hand. Now it is not so surprising to find that the local church authorities, such as bishops, stake presidents and temple presidents who took it upon themselves to punish members who choose to get tattoos. Not just in Utah, but throughout the world. This became such a big issue that people leave the church over it.

Some people who have tattoos are told to not take the sacrament and others are not allowed access to the temple. Some were advised not to marry those who have tattoos and piercings. As having been a student 30 + years of Mormonism and its history I feel that this behavior is inconsistent with the teachings of Mormonism, or Christianity in any way.

Mormons are not the only religion that superstition to believe that tattoos are evil and should be avoided because they are expected to result in a worse sin. Christian churches and Jewish rabbi did as well. And there is good reason for a religion to not want to herd them to get tattoos or piercings.

Getting a tattoo is not only change how you look but also change the way you think and feel about yourself. This is a clear message that you feel that you are the owner of your body and worse of all (religious leaders), mind you!

Historically tattoos have been used as an expression of faith and commitment. One would think that getting a tattoo symbol you confidence in yourself to be driven. However, because the history of American tattooing and popularization of tattoos, the tattoo is being presented by the media and politicians as harmless entertainment. This is not new to the counter-culture of decoration is seen as repulsive to many of the elders of our society.

When I heard at the General Conference that President Gordon Hinckley (the current President of the Mormon Church) do not like tattoos and piercings, some I'm not surprised. Tattoo he has exposed in his youth are usually not very well done, or artistic. Unlike today, tattooed men of his generation, especially in social Utah may come back only to attract criminals or abusive military men, ordinary people are not flush with the family and living a good account.

For further injury to one's personal opinion that states fashion as if it is the law of God, President Hinckley allows for a kind of permanent change to the appearance of decorative and not others, which seems hypocritical to me. Mr. Hinckley allow the church for women to have their faces with permanent cosmetic tattooing and piercing wearing earrings, (but only one pair - one in each ear) as being socially acceptable in its peer group.

I feel that religious leaders do not know the history of tattooing as a spiritual exercise and generally underestimate the tattoos and piercings as immoral behavior and reckless rebellion because they do not want their followers to look like everyone else. This is a game of power and nothing more. If they can control the way you see them going to control the way you think and feel.

I suspect that the exclusion of people with tattoos and piercings is really a part of the whole elitist mindset Mormonism in Utah. Those who do not do their homework are sure to believe that if you look like Gentiles (all non-Mormon), you will act like a Gentile, which means that you are a Mormon without God and basically led by the devil.

However it has been my experience that the tattoo does not lead to sin. Being ill-informed and willing to blindly follow without question is what causes sin and personal disgrace.

If you are LDS and are still considering a tattoo, you should first ask yourself this question. Is my tattoo choice reflect my beliefs or they would distract from my message of who I am. Do I get a tattoo because I wanted to capture an event in my life, beliefs, or to rebel against mainstream culture? Is this going to tattoo or piercing to prevent my being a good person? The answers to these questions will tell you if you do the right things or react badly to your community. It is my opinion that if you feel you have a tattoo would be a positive thing that is healthier for you, then by all means do your own good judgment and free choice and get one.

Keep in mind that in reality "is Tattooings not only ornaments ... they are not just a symbol of royalty and a symbol of rank in the social hierarchy: they are also full of messages with spiritual and moral significance ... not only to embed the image into the meat but also to cap the all the traditions and philosophy of the mind "-. Claude Levi Strauss

Personally I believe that tattoos in and of themselves can not be bad and I do not believe that God cares one way or another if you have one or not, unless you have a tattoo that alienate and hurt others. Then the real problem is how do you feel about other people and not the tattoo itself.

People have the right to adorn themselves how they want. Some people like to put a picture on their body and some people do not. It is all a matter of personal taste. I feel it is wrong to subject my taste on other people and I expect the same in return courteousness.

This attitude is healthy and normal. This is how the great world in which the Mormon lifestyle is not done by the majority. Would not the world a perfect place if we could all live our own mind and appreciate the good things out there rather than pick on other people for being different?

You can do good or evil with everything on this earth. As the weight of the tattoos I have many more opportunities to love and serve others through tattoos and has a tattoo of them before me. I should be more patient and tolerant. Especially have I had to learn to be more patient and tolerant with those who claim to be "spiritual leader" because they put the words in the mouth of God rather than follow what they claim God has spoken.

I have found that most people who have tattoos more open and friendly towards others. I have found that for most people who wear tattoos are part of the people are very nice. There are some people I met to whom their tattoos serve more as a warning to stay away from an invitation to meet them. What I think is also a good thing because it has saved me much time to help me to avoid an unpleasant interaction with them.

Most people have a personal philosophy of their spiritual tattoos on them and it became a way to open the opportunity to talk about spiritual things. In a world where we are taught to be afraid of our neighbor's good to have a way to really get to know people around you. It is nice to have a bond together despite all the other social differences.

If you already have a tattoo and are having problems of social rejection is wise to remember that things change quickly in the church. I would not be surprised to find that in 20 years of having a tattoo will not be a problem at all. Music that evil preached against in the 60 and 70 are now playing regularly at church dances and Coke and Pepsi drinkers who denied temple recommends in the 1970s can now go to the temple although their soda habit. It is all a matter of perspective generation, which will inevitably change as parents eventually die.

Tips How to Find Tattoo Artist

There is nothing really new in the market place, after I wrote about the amputation and around the implant magnet. The latter is called "Brain Piercing". Unfortunately I can not write about it at the moment because I'm still doing research on the subject, this way I will be able to write a decent article you all.

But, I think my most recent experience is very interesting, not too extreme, but so far the most interesting tattoos I have. Thinking about the refusal of some that I have I think that many people may experience the same problem. So I decided to make public.

Over the past few years I had this idea for a beautiful tattoo. This should be a line starting at the phoenix mirror above my neck to follow my spine down to my tail bone.
Easier said than done I guess ...

So a few months before the anniversary of my 34th, I started looking for an artist to do the job. As many people know, Brazil is a country well known in the tattoo industry. We have a professional is really great here.

So here I am with this project, but because I am very picky about who would tattoo my body, I can only choose among hundreds of professional full hand. Of the portfolio much as I can see I think that only those people will be able to do a decent job of my very complete idea of ​​micro details.

Of the five highly qualified professionals who do not want to do the tattoo. All of them told me that it was not possible. And the only one who will take the challenge, because I agreed to make Phoenix a little bigger than what I want, have a family problem.
Time passed, I became older and tattoos. I'm addicted to tattoos for friends and readers, I am convinced that I need not explain the feeling, but for people who do not have a tattoo of "bug", I can say that it's really frustrating. It feels less like you've spent months raising money to go to your favorite group performance, and precisely on the day of the show the band decided to split up for good.

So here I checked and did not come up with, or better said with an image and not the artist.

One day while I was walking down the street I saw a small tattoo parlor. And are thus intended to get my body is covered with pictures phoenix I think about stopping there for a few minutes to check his work.

The worst that can happen is I'll see you again wannabe. Actually the market is full of them. The majority of tattoo artists around is not too good. After I finish this story I will add a guide how to find the gold among the gravel.

Back to the story: I went into the studio and there is, let me mention one, obviously covered with tattoos. His name is Flavio Vandroiy, I did not hear about him at all, but once I was there I decided to give it a shot, he had a client waiting, so our first contact was brief, but even though, to my surprise, he was very attentive.

Now, if you know some famous tattoo artist you will understand that the more ideas pop stars really influence our friend. Well, most of the time it seems they are part of the royalty and pleasure do you see your face, even if only for five minutes of their precious time. Please note that there are some exceptions, one of which is beautifully Chapelan Pierre, who, years ago, I had the pleasure to tattoo while I was living in Montreal.
I checked one Vandroiy Flávio portfolio when analyzed in the paper and work better through his website. That looks pretty good job. His tattoo was signed by the steady and clear lines. Then I saw a very small tattoo pictures and full of detail, I analyzed it for about an hour to see every detail. After that I thought that he might be able to do a good job of drawing. I sent him an e-mail with my picture attached phoenix, after a day he sent me an honest reply. He told me that the image is quite small, but he will accept the challenge.

So we've got pictures on my back and of course I complained about the position. He patiently removed the images and do it again. Even if I am happy with the position, I think it will complain only to see his reaction. But there is no requirement to do so, he told me that he could change until I'm happy with the placement. So I said nothing. I hate to encourage people who are willing good. If he's a jerk I might change the position of the couple next time.
He did an amazing job, from something that many thought impossible to achieve. One of the most exciting thing about this is that he is humble enough to say that after we finish all the phoenix we have to go back and do touch ups on some of the images that he thinks could be better done. I agree with him, some bird's face ', if you look at pictures taken with a micrometric from the camera, not identical.

I have many tattoos, which are made by many in the industry hotshots, including a very special my first tattoo made by Marco Leoni own. Even if it is an old tattoo, I got it when I was pre-tee, and it suffers a bit by stretching because my growth and thousands of times that I put it through the horrible process of leg waxing, still here, not arrogant like that once, but every time I see, I know that this old phoenix helped me to become who I am.

The truth is that I fell in love with a new tattoo, so far it's really best quality small works I have ever seen. If you look at it from a distance looks like the best and most delicate lace that you can buy.
Ok, after the story I am narcissistic, I would, as promised, adding a few tips on how to know when a good tattoo artist or tattooer he was proclaiming himself the title of artist. Note that even if the prestigious international award judged not in the daily work of artists. Prizes awarded to artists based in only one work, done once during the competition. I consider a very small sample to be worth the prize, if you take in consideration that many tattoo artists are between three or four a day tattoo studio.

1) Of course the studio should be clean and properly sterilized materials, the artist should wear gloves all the time, and the ink should be poured into small containers, to avoid contamination of materials.

2) Look at the artist's portfolio very carefully, not only to appreciate it, you'll find a very small imperfections.

3) The lines of the tattoo should be fine, wobbly line of jagged lines and is a big no go.

4) Color should be implemented properly through the entire image, without leaving the place empty.

5) The way in which the artists use and combine colors is also very important. Especially if you are looking for water color effects.

6) Big tattoos are easier to master than a small tattoo. Even if the sleeves and full backs get more attention, small tattoo is much more complicated to make. So while looking at the artist's portfolio, check out smaller and more detailed work. A good hint is to look for and examine some of the tattoos bird feathers and bird's face.

7) Also notice that people do not work when reproducing a cartoon character. This type of reproduction is very complicated because of the amount of detail, the perfect thickness of lines and coloring.

8) If the price is a problem on the size or type of tattoo you get, I suggest you wait and save more money. It is better to wait and to do what you dream of settle for less.

9) You have to mingle with the artists and not feel intimidated by it. A good artist will allow you to provide your input and will not feel offended by any comments or suggestions. Remember it is your body and you want to enjoy every second of the experience.

10) Many people have the idea that the tattooer must be crazy, someone is always high and in line with the dark figure. It is a myth, many of those wonderful artists, sometimes parents are married and proud. If you suspect that the artist was under the influence of substances, or have an addiction you have to think before allowing him to work on you. It is a well known fact that alcoholics and addicts have a problem with a trembling hand.

11) Also honored when the artist gives an honest opinion. If you do not agree just trying to find someone else to get a tattoo. This way you will avoid to feel the work was not properly done for personal reasons.

12) If you select an image from a catalog, and want to make some changes on it, a good artist will make the changes with pleasure, and will not complain if you want to change that much on it at the time of the sketch has been renovated, of course You just have to know where to draw the line between change and no longer makes sense, do not forget these people make a living from a tattoo.

13) A good professional is not always the one you just get a tattoo with the right, to do a decent job is the duty of a good professional. For me a good professional should make the client aware of some details about the tattoo.

14) If you are a woman, and wanted to have children, a tattoo on the abdomen or on the side of your waist line, whether horizontal or vertical, probably not a good idea, but will stretch due to pregnancy and loose some of its beauty.

15) Once again if you are a woman, probably not a good idea to get a tattoo during your period or while in the process of PMS. Due to some hormonal changes you're more likely to feel pain or worse, the healing process can be compromised.

16) Any tattoos look great when fresh. The artist must remind you that what you see is what you get, for a while. The ink will fade. Of course you can delay the process of care, but in the end, it will fade, and some lose some of its beauty.

17) black ink after a few years will be bluish. There is no way to avoid it. To improve the color of the tattoo you have to retouch. You can also try to understand that it is part of your body and like to have the right to age. In my case I do not retouch my tattoos. To me my tattoos are part of a lost moment in the past, and because they are the memories they will tend to fade with time.

18) While the big and bold tattoo will only have color fading problems, small and very detailed tattoo, will lose sharpness in detail, and will often look as if they were poorly done.

19) This is a good idea to get a tattoo during the winter. During the summer you will have a problem with plastic bandage, it will make the tattoo constantly moist. Moisture can delay healing, opening a window for infection. The healing process will also be very, very itchy.

20) If you can not avoid getting a tattoo during the summer, ready to use antihistamine pills. They will come in handy.

21) If you must scratch the tattoo, it's better if you pat yourself. Do not use your nails.

22) Do not drink or use drugs before getting a tattoo, it will not ease the pain and alcohol can actually make you bleed again.

23) Depending on the type of work visible tattoos could be a problem. Something that one day I hope that will change, but so far, if you're one of those professionals, try to get a tattoo in a place that is easy to hide when you wear the type of clothing.

24) The most difficult thing to say is, never do the tattoo because it fashionable, or because you have an idol. A tattoo is something personal. It will be with you every day in your life. It is much more difficult to get rid of to get rid of a former spouse.

25) When selecting an image for a tattoo, choose something that means something to you. Naturally beautiful butterflies as well flower, funny star on your wrist is very sexy. But how do you feel about them when you are sixty?

26) And last but not least. Do not ever get a tattoo on impulse. There are many other things to do when you're bored, if you need a "quick fix" to try to get a drastic change in hair or buy some new clothes. Tattooing is something to really think about. Something to see and do as art. If well thought out and well chosen process of getting a tattoo, it can take years to happen, but it certainly can change your entire life.