Military Tattoos

Tattoos in the armed forces have a long and colorful tradition among those who have served their country. In fact, millions of Americans serving in the armed forces or active duty personnel, reservists in order, not to mention war veterans. Many of them got tattoos as a constant reminder that they belong to a specific unit or group, to recognize not only their loyalty to their unit, but also their land, a sense of camaraderie and even feel about the possibility the loss of a few close to them killed during active service.

According to the study of tattoos in the armed forces, it seems that they seem more popular in the fleet with a second Army, Marine Corps, the third and last of the Air Force. The style of tattoo design seems to differ depending on whether the person is in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.

In a recent news report about military tattoos said: "Tattoos are a military tradition." Although no points for that many service members will argue this point until the end of their contract. For some, tattoos are a big part of military life. Some service members will refrain from obtaining a tattoo, but many more will be watered at least once before leaving.

In the Marine Corps has always been a conservative position on tattoos, especially when the army and the society as a whole has become more accepting of them. Some Marines said that this unit public opinion ought to follow and to recognize tattooing as a legitimate practice, or as an art form. Most Marines go along with the policy of the Marine Corps "of tattoos and has no visible tattoos are a growing number of marines who disagree with the conservative position and called for a loosening of the rules.

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